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How to Energize Yourself

Need more Energy?

Most everyone could use more energy. Are you pushing yourself but feel like you are running on empty? Do you experience an afternoon lull? Do you wish you had more energy to be with loved ones after work?

I had a patient with fatigue but didn't want more supplements. For them supplements didn't quite cut it. In my years of practice I have found that quality of supplements do matter, but it's true that supplements alone may not fix an issue satisfactorily. 

I've been blessed to see patients all over the world. With this patient we had 2 virtual healing sessions over the phone and there was a huge shift and increase in energy and positive mood. I was even surprised! It was as if  something lifted and the increase in energy stayed!

On a tangent, I'm just too excited about these healing sessions. A patient came to me yesterday with blood pressure 145/100 for weeks. We did 1 virtual healing session and the blood pressure dropped 40 points. Patients with fatigue, stomach issues, anxiety, depression, vertigo, headaches, back pain, infections, and many strange conditions have improved so quickly. 

You see, infections, illnesses, negative thoughts, traumas, toxic people around you are all seen as information to the body and they are often stored as "imprints" in parts of our body's that are weaker and more susceptible. These negative information clouds the purity and functionality of our cells like "dust on glass". Some people are naturally better at letting go of these than others. 

Anyone can learn a few simple techniques to help. Here's an Excercise you can practice to help increase your energy levels. Just like you eat and absorb nutrients from food, did you know you can also take in energy from the environment and let it recharge you? We all do this automatically to some extent, but you can train yourself to utilize it better. 

Studies show there is more energy or (prana) in fruits and vegetables compared to processed foods. Scientifically prana or life force energy is described as a displaced electron. A negative ion. They have measured higher numbers of negative ions in nature, such as the beach water or the woods, and less number of negative ions in polluted cities. "Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." Gen 2:7. The breath of life is sometimes also refered to as prana, which gives us life energy. This life energy is not just the opposite of feeling fatigued, but also supports feeling alive as a human being!

Here's what you can do to increase your energy. 

1. Sit down and imagine white light shining down to the crown of your head (top of head). This white light is energizing, healing and cleansing.

2. As you breathe deeply, receive the white light into your body and let it fill you from head to toe.The white light contains energy to revitalize and energize you. It also cleanses out any negative energy.

3. Once you feel the white light filling every cell of your body, EXHALE deeply to push out and extend the light rays to surround your entire body 2-3 feet around you. This protective light shield around your body can protect you from external negativity coming at you and repel it so you don't get drained by it. 

Do this exercise at least once per day or more. I encourage you to practice this for 5-10 minutes every day, perhaps after work to clear yourself. If you do this for even 7 days straight, it is very likely you will feel a good change. 

If you need some help beyond this exercise and would like a healing session, please contact our office.