Estrogen Toxicity and Increased Risk of Cervical Dysplasia or Cancer Risk
Friday, August 17, 2018 at 3:57PM
Dr. Emily Chan in (Abnormal PAP), (CIN), (Cervical Cancer), (Cervical Dysplasia), (Colposcopy), (Estrogen Dominance), (HPV), (High Grade HPV), (LEEP), (Toxic Estrogens), (Vaginal Suppositories), (Women's Health), Gynecological, Hormone

Watch this video on how inflammatory Estrogens can increase cancer risk. There are ways to decrease the toxic types of estrogens. 

I will discuss 2 reasons how toxic estrogens can possibly increase chances of cancer. And also the role your gut has in making the situation better or worse. Watch below to find out. 

Estrogen Toxicity and Increased risk of Cervical Dysplasia from HPV

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