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Feeling “Off” with the Season Change? 

So nothing much has changed in your diet or exercise, but something feels slightly “off”. Are you feeling more tired than usual? Are you pushing yourself to do work that normally feels easy, but now feels like a drag? Maybe you even notice feeling a little bit more easily irritated by others. Your physical health seems slightly on the line. But then you brush it off and think that perhaps you just been really busy, or getting old. See, feeling a bit “off” creeps up very gradually so it’s very easy to brush it off to other reasons. But could it be the change of seasons that is throwing your body off?

Today, I will talk especially about how the season of fall affects your body from a TCM Chinese medicine Photo Credit Anton Vakulenko prospective. Then I will give you some DYI at home solutions that can help your body breeze through autumn into winter with energy, an even mood, and a little pep in your step.

God created the universe to operate in cycles. The planets rotate every so often around the sun. Our bodies have an internal clock. Many of our hormones are secreted at different levels throughout the day or at different times of the month. In Chinese medicine certain organs are highlighted at different times of the day, in a 24 hr cycle. For example 1 to 3 AM is liver time, so if you wake up in the middle of night during this time perhaps your liver is out of balance. On a grander scale our organs cycle through the four seasons. Below is a table showing this. 



Yin Organ

Yang Organ

Balanced Emotion

Stressed Emotion



Large Intestine



Grief, Sadness






Fear, Depression






Anger, Frustration



Small Intestine


Joy, Passion







Worry, over- concern for others


Tips to Balance Yourself During the Fall 

Message Between Shoulder Blades

The area of your body in between your shoulder blades stores sadness and grief. Fall relates to the element: metal which in TCM corresponds to the lungs. The lungs if out of balance is related to grief, sadness, depression (these emotions can also weaken the lungs). So if you’re often tight between the shoulder blades, there may be some emotions you need to address that either you are unaware of that is subconscious, or you may be able to pinpoint exactly what this emotional stuff is about. Since autumn is a time for reflection, stuff you may have buried away may automatically come up during this time for you. That’s why you maybe puzzled why you even feel these emotions come up because no one may has died, or nothing catastrophic has happened in your life, but still you may feel emotionally a bit “off” during this time. Fall is a good time to address old buried things and release them. You will feel happier lighter and younger. I offer distance-healing sessions that can help your body let go of years of stored emotional stress and junk. My patients feel lighter, sometimes tell me it seems like a whole weight is lifted off them after these sessions. They finally have the emotional energy and focus and increased physical energy to move on with what is important in their lives, rather than feeling held back. These healing sessions I do with patients over the phone are very helpful for depression, anxiety, and stress. Some people have not seen the value of this type of treatment because they don’t understand it yet. But for those who gave it a try, they felt this is an answer to prayers because they finally made significant progress they were looking for so many places before they found this. 

One self-care practice you can do at home is to roll out your back on a foam roller. Or you can put a tennis ball or spiked orthopedic product called the “beastie” between your shoulder blades to release the tension. When your muscles are more relaxed it is a sign that there is less emotional junk in that part of the body. 

Apple cider vinegar and water

If you’re feeling kind of blah simply adding 1-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into 4 to 8 ounces of water and drinking this one to three times per day can be life-changing. Apple cider vinegar can help boost your energy levels especially if you’re overworked or over exercised. It can help detoxify acidity caused by stress. Apple cider vinegar helps to alkalize your body, which helps your immune system be less susceptible to those winter and fall germs. Decreasing acidity in the body also helps to decrease inflammation and increase energy levels.

The yin organ associated with autumn is the large intestine. If your digestive system seems sluggish or your digestion is weak, apple cider vinegar is a great old wives digestive tonic and you can drink this 10 minutes before a meal. If you like you can also add a pinch of cayenne pepper to this mixture. Cayenne helps move stagnant Chi which decreases fatigue and stuck energy. You can also add a teaspoon of local honey for seasonal fall allergies. Lastly, you can add some fresh lemon juice to the mixture to further alkalize the body and detoxify. But to keep it simple, just apple cider vinegar and water is fine.

Stay tuned for part 2 health tips for the Fall Season. If you are feeling drawn to have me work with you, you are seeing this for a reason. If you have questions about how I can help you, that will help you make the best choice for your next step, do not hesitate to reach out prior to scheduling an appointment.