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Secrets to Getting Rid of Migraines and Headaches 

About 18% of the American women suffer from migraine headaches. According to the World Health Organization 1 in 20 adults have a headache daily. Many people will take painkillers to try to ward off the headache, but that does not prevent them from coming back another time. Patients with severe migraines are prescribed stronger medications such as Imitrex or other triptan drugs but I have patients who come to me at loss because these medications are no longer able to stop a migraine attack. Their life revolves around the uncontrollable of when the migraines occur. 

So what causes headaches or migraines? How do we get to the root of it? Can a patient ever be cured of migraines? Many patients who have worked with me all over the world have been able to become migraine free in a few months. Some causes of migraines include, increased inflammation, stress, hormonal imbalances, food/environmental sensitivities, impaired detoxification, sinus problems, vascular disorders and more. But even before any of the above issues start, an imbalance in the energetic field disrupts the body making it susceptible to migraines. These are the electrical impulses in and around your body. When the vibrational frequency of your brain, chakras, and meridians are disrupted your body can’t work properly, the same as when your biology is out of balance. Through distance healing methods that can be done in the comfort of your home, we can apply physics concepts to medicine. Often in a couple sessions patients feel a significant reduction in severity of headaches and frequency and often over a few months can become headache or migraine free.

Migraines or persistent headaches are often caused by stress whether a patient is aware of it or not. I see lots of headache patients who often are high performing in their work, and tend to hold in their emotions, keep it together, so they can try to be on top of their “to do list”. Sometimes they say they feel stressed, sometimes some people are unaware of all the external pressures but the toll is still put on their body. The emotions have to go somewhere and are often stored in the upper belly area or solar plexus. When that area is congested (think of the smog pollution in China), the electrical, energetic congestion often moves up the spine and causes the vasculature in the head to dilate, leading to headaches. 

A patient of mine had hormonal triggered migraines that often occur around ovulation and over a week prior to her period. Almost half her month is a struggle because of these hormonal migraines. We put her on natural supplements that helped with hormones as well as deceasing inflammation and that helped 20-30%. Then the miracle occurred when we did distance healing sessions, where she was lying down in her home while I worked with her over the phone. We cleared up the areas of her body that were congested or filled with “deposits” of diseased energy. This is like clearing up a highway that is filled with rocks and debris, so the road can be used. You can imagine instead of a traffic jam, that the flow of traffic moves. When we create flow in the body by releasing energetic restrictions, blood flow, nervous system electric flow, lymphatic flow etc., can all start to work properly so that the pressure that is built up in the head can release. After a couple distance-healing sessions, this patient has been migraine free for a couple months and is so grateful for getting back almost 2 weeks out of her month. 

So what are healing sessions and how do they work virtually? It’s all about physics. Think about cell phones. You cannot see the cell phone wave field but it goes over a long distance to allow you to talk to people even all the way across the world. Cell phone waves are close to the microwave frequencies of the electromagnetic field and are not generally healthy. Infared rays are healthy to the human body, EMFs are not but all of these are electromagnetic frequencies. When doing distance healing we are using health promoting electromagnetic and light frequencies that are not limited by time and space. 

You may have read records in Biblical text that Jesus healed a Nobleman’s son, and told the Nobleman his son is healed and will live when Jesus was 1 day’s travel away from the sick. When the Nobleman got back home a day later and asked when his son’s fever broke, it was the exact time Jesus said he will live 1 day ago. We may think these are miracles, but as now scientific studies have shown, distance healing and prayer have statistically significant positive effects. 

A study by the Indian Journal of Psychology 2009 Prayer and Healing: A Medical and Scientific Perspective on Randomized Controlled Trials showed validity for distance healing to be 75% in clinical setting and 81% in laboratory setting. The bio-electrical field of a patient before and after a distance healing session has also been able to be documented through Kirlian photography. For those who like science, hopefully this is helpful for you to understand how distance healing is possible. And for those who are seeking answers and a way to get well, it is not a mistake you have come by this article. Please feel free to contact me to discuss if this would be the right fit for your situation.