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The Four Realms of Health Pt 1

I went to see Nutcracker and the Four Realms Movie and it’s one of those movies you’d love if you enjoy beautiful, artistic and creative scenery. I personally like it because it shows that one can live in more than just one dimension. The story is based on a varied version of the nutcracker ballet where Clara, a little girl ventures Photo Credit: Torbakhopper  out to get her Christmas gift, and ends up in the fourth realm. In the fourth realm days have elapsed and she has solved a serious problem among the kingdoms, when she returns to the earth realm and is still at the end of a party she arrived a few hours ago. You can also see this same concept involving “time” in the movie Inception where time moves a lot slower in the dream state than in regular earth time. Have you noticed that if you wake up in the morning and see the clock, then fall back asleep and dream, that your dream may have had the content of 30 minutes, but you wake up to realize it’s only been 5 minutes?

Many of my patients and often myself feel there is not enough time. We seem to have not enough time to do everything on our to do list, let alone take the time to invest in our health, self-care, relaxation or spirituality. If you feel your health is suffering but think you have no time to do what it takes to get better, know that there are ways to “warp time”. You just need to know how to get into a different “realm” to achieve that. You may be thinking, that sounds very weird! 

Well, to be honest I have thought that too! Until I have experienced the warping of time to my benefit. For example, I have spent half a day thinking of writing you all a newsletter and then not doing it, then stressing about not doing it. Then taking another 4 hours to write the article a different day. This situation is not ideal. This situation is also a situation where I am usually stressing about all the things I need to do, being less grounded, more emotional, more resistant, less smart and less efficient. 

But I have also been in a different “realm” where I write an article in 1 hour…boom it's done! In this realm I am usually more spiritually connected to my source, more inspired, more calm and in flow. So about the warping of time; I think I warped time! What would have took 8 hrs took 1 hr.

Could it be possible that if you were in a “healthy realm” that the same could happen for you? Wouldn’t you like to shrink down an 8 hr task to a 1 hr task (not because you rushed but just because it didn’t take as long)? Freeing up some time is not only important to allow yourself time to invest towards your health, but it also benefits your personal wellbeing. 

In the movie, there are 4 realms. Stay tuned for Part 2. We will give you 4 realms of health that can help you maximize your time, “warp time”, enjoy your time, especially during this holiday season so that you can stay on top of things, your emotions and enjoy the people you care most about. More to come in Part 2. 



Frustrated Your Health Is Not Getting Better?

I don't get sick often, but when I catch a cold, it always seems like it happens after something stressful. Have you noticed getting sick after someone close to you has problems you worry about? Or an illness comes on after you feel overwhelmed? Or getting sick after being so busy and running on empty?

With health problems the first thing most doctors and patients think of is to take something like a medicine or natural supplement to help it go away. When we can find something natural that gets to the root of the problem, that is a plus. But I find only 30-50% of patients get 100% better with just "taking something". So what's the missing link most doctors haven't been able to help you with yet?  

Have you wondered why you're still sick even though you've changed your diet, avoided your food allergens, taken supplements, herbs, spent lots of money and feel like you've done everything? That can be frustrating. The good news is I work with patients just like this and help them move out of their health plateau. Photo Credit David Young

Disease first starts in the energetic field, and then physicalizes. What does that mean? When your body notices that something is wrong in your life, which can be emotional, spiritual, your schedule, your diet, your lifestyle, your happiness etc it registers an electric signal that extends about 3 feet surrounding your body like a force field (or the aura). So if you're around toxic people a lot, in a job you don't feel fulfilled, in a relationship you can only tolerate, feel overwhelmed, think negative thoughts and so on, your force field can be contaminated like a city full of smog. This pushes the toxic signals into your physical body contributing to illness and also does not allow disease to escape out of your body.

This may be sounding new or strange to you. To use a different illustration, do you remember the news articles that talk about higher cancer rates amoung people who live near radiation. Or higher rates of brain cancer in people who hold cell phones close to their head? Radiation is a type of damaging electromagnetic field. We create electromagnetic fields, one of them from your heart can be measured by the EKG. That's a normal electromagnetic field. Some of these electromagnetic fields created by our bodies, and can negative, but some can be healthful (give us energy, help us heal quicker, contribute to a good mood).

I have techniques patients can receive over the phone to clean out their energetic field. It's surprised some of my patients who have already invested so much into their health but are at a plateau get huge results from a couple of these types of sessions. Many of my patients recovered from headaches, dizziness, HPV infection, yeast infection, anxiety, back pain, prevented onset of a cold (to name a few) when we addressed their energetic field. 

For Example here's the Energetic Theme for Cold (Stay tuned for energetic themes for other conditions):

COLD: Often occurs during a time when responsibility seems overwhelming. The person may feel personally responsible to make sure everything is perfect, sometimes because of a fear of looking bad or not being good enough. It may be hard for them to let go. There may be a theme of self imposed responsibility. The cold physically forces them to let go, stop and re-evaluate lessons learned. 

If you have that inner feeling that the health condition you're suffering with may be related to something emotional in your life, don't wait because you may be reading this for a reason. When patients receive sessions to help clear these negative energetic patterns in their body, it helps the body to release the disease. This is because the body is designed to heal itself. There are so many amazing mechanisms in our body that were created in us that keeps us healthy so when there is a health problem, it is a sign that something is off. Good news is there is a way to clear the block and also stop the plateu so you can live the life you want and have the health to not hold back. Contact me if you're wondering if this can be something that's an answer to your search.  


Estrogen Toxicity and Increased Risk of Cervical Dysplasia or Cancer Risk

Watch this video on how inflammatory Estrogens can increase cancer risk. There are ways to decrease the toxic types of estrogens. 

I will discuss 2 reasons how toxic estrogens can possibly increase chances of cancer. And also the role your gut has in making the situation better or worse. Watch below to find out. 

Estrogen Toxicity and Increased risk of Cervical Dysplasia from HPV


Natural Remedies for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Many women have been coming to me for natural therapies for HPV and cervical dysplasia. The conventional treatment for cervical dysplasia CIN 2 and CIN 3 is a surgical procedure called LEEP. The conventional treatments for low grade cervical dysplasia such as ASCUS or CIN 1 is often “do nothing and wait till it getsCIN 1 Photo Credit Ed Uthman worse”, then do surgery or hope it improves.

Many women have reservations about the surgical procedure because of the risk of increased scarring of the cervix, risk of infertility and miscarriage. Other women who were asked to watch and wait feel unsettled to just wait till the next PAP without doing anything.

There are many of my patients with cases as far progressed as CIN 3 who have had successful complete resolution of their Cervical Dysplasia and subsequently tested negative for HPV using natural therapies instead of surgery. Please contact our office to enquire if you are a candidate.

Prevention of HPV Infection

It is important to research and be informed in making a decision regarding methods of prevention such as the HPV vaccine. For more information about the HPV vaccine, click here

Some patients with a predisposition to immune system issues, auto-immune disorders or certain genetics are more prone to reactions than others.

Safe sexual practices are also important because HPV is sexually transmitted. This is a great time to discuss this with your child. Using condoms are also important to provide a barrier, although they are not 100% protective against HPV.

Other ways of prevention include yearly PAP smears, although standard of care has now reduced required PAPs to every 3 years for women who have had normal PAPs. I personally recommend yearly PAPs because 3 years can be the difference between catching something early or dealing with a higher-grade dysplasia.

Viruses Can Cause Different Types of Cancers

As you know certain HPV virus strains can cause cervical cancer. But how do viruses cause cancer? Viruses are not truly “alive” because they cannot survive on their own and cannot reproduce without hijacking a host cell. For example, the HPV virus is introduced to your body through sexual contact. The virus then inserts it’s DNA into your healthy cells. The virus uses YOUR cells to make more copies of itself. Because viruses insert themselves into the human DNA, they can cause your DNA to be mutated. This is how viruses cause cancers. Below is a list of different types of viruses and the types of cancers they are associated with.

Examples of Viruses and types of Cancer’s they are Associated With:

  • ·      HPV (Human Papilloma Virus): Cervical Cancer
  • ·      Herpes Virus 8: Kaposi Sarcoma
  • ·      Hepatitis B, C: Liver Cancer
  • ·      EBV (Epstein Barr Virus): Nasal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lymphomas
  • ·      HTLV1 (Human T Lymphotrophic Virus 1: T cell Leukemia
  • ·      HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus): Many types of Cancer

Healing from HPV Virus and Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Contrary to the “germ theory” which implies that when a person is exposed to “germs” the germs will infect them and make them sick; viruses may have no infective influence over you if your body is not susceptible to it. If your body is in a state where viruses cannot thrive, you won’t get sick. Having optimal immune function, vibrational frequency, qi, energy level, acid/alkaline balance, strong cell membrane health are some ways to keep viruses from infecting you. I work with patients to support their body in eradicating chronic or stubborn viral infection such as HPV.

Below are ways natural therapies help:

  • ·      Address the HPV virus
  • ·      Boost the bodies’ immune system against HPV virus and precancerous cells
  • ·      Reduce hormonal imbalances that increase cancer risk
  • ·      Support apoptosis (killing of abnormal cells)
  • ·      Encourage normal tissue growth
  • ·      Support both internal and topical (cervical) health
  • ·      Change vibrational frequency to be less susceptible to viruses and malignancies

Whether you are looking into the best prevention for yourself or your child, or seeking natural treatment for HPV/Dysplasia, contact Dr. Chan’s office for a consult to get options of providing you the best non-invasive and successful therapy for your unique case.




HPV Vaccine. Is it Dangerous?


 Patients ask these questions about the HPV vaccine: Photo Credit David Paquet

  • Should I vaccinate my child? 
  • I’m diagnosed with HPV should I get the vaccine still?
  • Is the vaccine effective against all HPV?
  • What are the side effects? 


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there are over 100 strains of HPV virus. This means more than 100 different types of HPV viruses. Around 13 of the 100 are strains that cause cancer. The HPV 16 and 18 strains are the high risk strains responsible for around 70% of cervical dysplasias and cervical cancers.

It takes about 15-20 years for a woman to develop cervical cancer, if they have a normal immune system. So don’t panic if you are diagnosed with HPV or low grade dysplasia, however also do not wait too long and leave it untreated. Some cases are fast progressing. 

Chart: HPV Strain Types Contained in 3 Different HPV Vaccines

HPV High Risk Strain Name (Cancer Causing)

Strains in Gardasil Vaccine

Strains in Gardasil 9 Vaccine

Strains in Cervarix Vaccine










































# 6 and 11 (Low risk strains)



YOU ARE NOT 100% PROTECTED BY THE VACCINES. The older version of the Gardasil vaccine only protected against 4 strains (16,18, 6 and 11). The newer Gardasil 9 protects against 9 strains 7 of which are high-risk types. There are total of 13 high-risk types (strains that are responsible for cervical cancer). All other strains of HPV that are not high risk may cause warts but do not cause cancer. Therefore the vaccine does not offer complete protection against all high risk HPV strains and it is possible to still be infected with high risk strain even if vaccinated.

ALREADY INFECTED WITH HPV? The vaccine, according to Gardasils website states is NOT intended for or useful for those already infected with HPV through sexual activity. If you have a PAP positive for HPV, the vaccine may not do anything for you. If you are diagnosed with Cervical dysplasia and an HPV test was not done, it is assumed you are infected with HPV because this is the virus that causes dysplasia. It is always helpful to ask your OBGYN to test for the strain subtype as this is not always common practice with every gynecologist.


There is a government reporting data base for vaccine adverse reactions called VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Not all adverse reactions are reported therefore it is likely the number of adverse reactions are higher than the numbers represented on VAERS.


According to the CDC, VAERS received 33,945 adverse reactions to Gardasil between 2006-2016. From 2006-2015 VAERS received 117 reports of death after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Common long-term adverse side effects reported included, premature ovarian failure, Guillain-Barre syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, permanent neurological damage, chronic headaches, muscle pain, and tachycardia (although CDC claims report of such medical problems after receiving the vaccine does not prove the vaccine caused them). 

It is important to research and be informed in making a decision regarding methods of prevention and weigh pros and cons. Some patients with a predisposition to immune system issues, auto-immune disorders or certain genetics are more prone to reactions than others. 

Whether you are looking into the best prevention for yourself or your child, or seeking natural treatment for HPV/Dysplasia, contact Dr. Chan’s office for a consult to get options of providing you the best non-invasive and successful therapy for your unique case.