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The Four Realms of Health Pt 1

I went to see Nutcracker and the Four Realms Movie and it’s one of those movies you’d love if you enjoy beautiful, artistic and creative scenery. I personally like it because it shows that one can live in more than just one dimension. The story is based on a varied version of the nutcracker ballet where Clara, a little girl ventures Photo Credit: Torbakhopper  out to get her Christmas gift, and ends up in the fourth realm. In the fourth realm days have elapsed and she has solved a serious problem among the kingdoms, when she returns to the earth realm and is still at the end of a party she arrived a few hours ago. You can also see this same concept involving “time” in the movie Inception where time moves a lot slower in the dream state than in regular earth time. Have you noticed that if you wake up in the morning and see the clock, then fall back asleep and dream, that your dream may have had the content of 30 minutes, but you wake up to realize it’s only been 5 minutes?

Many of my patients and often myself feel there is not enough time. We seem to have not enough time to do everything on our to do list, let alone take the time to invest in our health, self-care, relaxation or spirituality. If you feel your health is suffering but think you have no time to do what it takes to get better, know that there are ways to “warp time”. You just need to know how to get into a different “realm” to achieve that. You may be thinking, that sounds very weird! 

Well, to be honest I have thought that too! Until I have experienced the warping of time to my benefit. For example, I have spent half a day thinking of writing you all a newsletter and then not doing it, then stressing about not doing it. Then taking another 4 hours to write the article a different day. This situation is not ideal. This situation is also a situation where I am usually stressing about all the things I need to do, being less grounded, more emotional, more resistant, less smart and less efficient. 

But I have also been in a different “realm” where I write an article in 1 hour…boom it's done! In this realm I am usually more spiritually connected to my source, more inspired, more calm and in flow. So about the warping of time; I think I warped time! What would have took 8 hrs took 1 hr.

Could it be possible that if you were in a “healthy realm” that the same could happen for you? Wouldn’t you like to shrink down an 8 hr task to a 1 hr task (not because you rushed but just because it didn’t take as long)? Freeing up some time is not only important to allow yourself time to invest towards your health, but it also benefits your personal wellbeing. 

In the movie, there are 4 realms. Stay tuned for Part 2. We will give you 4 realms of health that can help you maximize your time, “warp time”, enjoy your time, especially during this holiday season so that you can stay on top of things, your emotions and enjoy the people you care most about. More to come in Part 2. 



How to Add More Hours to Your Day

I Don't Have Enough Time! 

Secret to Less Overwhelm and Getting More Done.


How do you get more things done in the same amount of time without multitasking or stressing? How doyou make more money in the same amount of time? How do you heal faster than the time it takes most people?

I was sitting in the movie theater watching the movie Interstellar, which got me thinking about why the length of time is not the same on different planets. So one hour on one planet can equal 1 year on a different one. How can that be? 

I was very curious and wondered if we can use the science on time dilation to our advantage, so that we can basically have more time, or do more in less time. I'd love to share this article I've written which just got published in a naturopathic medical journal explaining this. 
Read more to find out practical ways you can warp time so that you seem to have more of it. Some people need some intellectual scientific reasoning for them to feel convinced and I have it all here for you. 


Your Doctor is Human Too! What to do if your To Do List is Overwhelming.

After a full week of work, I had planned to get a few things done this weekend, mostly big projects. One of them was smaller. I wanted to write an article for you all. As I started thinking of all the things I needed to do, more and more etched on my mental to do list. I started to feel less and less motivated to do any of these things on the list, and ended up going to the gym, washing my car, cleaning the house and giving myself a French pedicure. When I looked at the clock on Saturday evening, it was already 7pm. The whole day was almost gone and I hadn’t done a thing on my to do list. I became more and more overwhelmed, but later decided to give myself permission to take the night off and relax. I listened to music, connected with God and did some reading.

So this is what I read from The Bond by Lynne McTaggart. I discovered that my to do list was so large; it was incomprehensible by my brain. Dr Rizzolatti a neurologist was studying movement and cognitive function at Italy’s University of Parma. He hooked monkeys up to devices that measured their brain waves. His team had the monkeys copy the human actions. To his surprise, the part of the brain that should light up when the monkey itself performs the action lit up prematurely when the researcher was performing the action, and the monkey was watching. “The very same neuron in the monkey’s brain that fired when it intended to grasp the object was also firing when the monkey observed the researcher grasping it”. That part of the brain is the ventral premotor cortex, the portion of the brain responsible for formulating and carrying out intentions.

When it comes to intentions, the brain’s copycats were pretty specific. If the monkey was able to comprehend what the researcher was doing, such as placing a banana in his mouth, the neurons would fire. But if the monkey observed an action that it didn’t recognize or could not relate to, the neurons would not fire.

To apply this principle to life, if what I visualize in my head is incomprehensible, then it would be more difficult to carry out the action. I realized some of the intentions on my to do list were large projects that were vague, with steps within the project that I did not have down. There were many of those on Saturday that just clogged my brain into a freeze.

I made things more familiar and comprehensible for myself the next day, Sunday. I decided to take my laptop to a café by the beach and write this blog article. This was one thing to do in one location and I promised myself I would not leave the café until this one thing was completed. And I can tell you I felt really good after writing this. One step at a time is what it all takes!

A tip for you is to break down tasks into small steps. For example, if you are planning your child’s summer camp, this task can seem overwhelming. But if you break down the list with separate items consisting of: web searching different camps, blocking off family vacation times, choosing available dates, calling your baby sitter for availability for pick up on the days you are unavailable, narrowing down to 2 choices, discussing with your child and giving them a choice between the 2 camps etc, all these steps can be done in one day, or a few days, and you are still checking off, one at a time, 6 separate things you need to get to the end goal of having summer camp arranged. And you will feel much happier doing it. This way of braking things down will be less stressful because this makes tasks more comprehensible by your brain. Whether you are copying someone else like the monkey, or formulating intensions in your head, the best way to get something done is to be sure you can relate and comprehend it, and that it gives you a sense of connection. Stay tuned, I’ll write about human connection next time.

I also want to mention that sometimes feeling unproductive can also be due to: physical fatigue, lack of nutrients for focus in the brain, anxiety, depression, unhealthy beliefs or in-congruency between your real wants and your projects. Schedule your appointment now to discuss this further with Dr. Chan.