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How are Naturopathic Doctor's certified?

A naturopathic doctor attends four years of medical school after obtaining a bachelor or masters degree that includes pre-med courses. The first two years of Naturopathic Medical School consists of basic science courses such as: anatomy, physiology, embryology, biochemistry, physical clinical diagnosis, pathology, microbiology etc. This training is very similar to what an MD would receive. The final two years of Naturopathic Medical School differs from conventional medical school in that natural modalities are introduced in classes such as gastroenterology, pediatrics, immunology, endocrinology, rheumatology, neurology, family medicine etc. Some of the natural modalities include, nutrition, herbs, supplements, physical medicine, at home remedies, epigenetic therapy, homeopathy, flower essences, lifestyle counseling etc.

A licensed Naturopathic Doctor graduating from an accredited medical school must take national board exams. A one-day basic science board exam is administered after the second year of medical school and a three-day clinical board exam is administered following receipt of the ND degree.  An ND must also pass an OSCE exam, Objective Structured Clinical Examination. 

14 of the USA states license Naturopathic Doctors as primary care physicians. Currently, Massachusetts is not one of these states. To participate in licensing efforts in the state of MA, see NDs that completed their board exams practicing in unlicensed states would usually hold a license to practice in another state. NDs practicing in unlicensed states will have limited scopes of practice and will not perform minor surgery, administer immunizations or prescribe prescription drugs for example. Be sure to check with your ND that they hold a license to practice, and have not revived training from non-accredited colleges.