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What is a typical visit like?

There isn’t a typical visit. Visits are different patient to patient because care is individualized. However generally, a visit starts with a session of talking about your medical issues thoroughly. Discussion of symptoms other than your main complaint is important because they often are related in some way. I may also ask you what you eat, if you are happy with life, your lifestyle habits, family history, what medications or supplements you are taking etc. 

Then objective information such as your vital signs are collected. You also get a pulse and iris analysis. Certain points in the eye and wrist can give some insight to the health of some organ systems. Next, we discuss your individualized health optimization plan and you leave with a printout of instructions to take home. 

In office BIA testing (bio Impedance analysis) may be run to determine your body's metabolism and general cellular function. In office Genotype testing is available to further individualize your care. Other laboratory tests such as food allergy, blood type, heavy metal toxicity, neurotransmitters, reproductive hormones, cortisol, intestinal function, and genetic polymorphism tests may be ordered. Some visits may consist of bodywork such as visceral manipulation.