Personalized Natural Health Solutions Based on Your Unique Constitutional Type




 Dr. Emily Chan ND is the doctor you are relieved to find especially if you you've tried so much, but haven't gotten the results yet.

 “Dr. Chan reviewed my recent labs and pointed out why I had not been feeling well. Her explanation was simple, and made sense, yet no one had been able to explain this to me previously.”

“I experienced extremely dramatic improvements in my health after our appointments. I am sleeping better, and have tons more energy.”  


Dr. Emily thoroughly looks at your whole body when addressing your specific medical issues so you get an individualized treatment plan. If deeper emotional issues or stress play a role in your physical problems, Dr. Emily uses powerful transformational tools to help you get un-stuck so you can live a healthier and happier life.  

"I have been searching for a healthcare professional who is well educated, compassionate, caring, a great listener and someone I could trust with my healthcare. I finally found her!"