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How is Your Sex Drive?

Was sex fun and important to you, but now it does not happen much? Do you or your spouse feel tired, or frequently not in the mood? Do you want to have that youthful spark back? We will talk about some veryPhoto Credit Foto Miki common reasons I see in my practice, but often overlooked issues that contribute to erectile dysfunction or low libido. You'll learn about some natural ways to balance hormones without taking synthetic hormones. Certain hormone therapies may increase cancer risk and have other side effects. Good news is that there are many other ways to successfully increase libido and sexual function. 

Causes of Low Libido in Men

Most men think of low testosterone as a reason for ED or decreased libido. But taking testosterone does not fix the reason why it is low in the first place and is not without side effects. One reason testosterone is low in men is due to estrogen dominance. Too many toxic estrogens are linked to low testosterone. The normal range of testosterone in men is 270-1070mg/dl but if you are on the lower side of this range, you may feel it. I have seen my patients raise their testosterone by 200-300 points by correcting the estrogen dominance problem without taking any testosterone. These are a few things that contribute to estrogen dominance:

-pesticides: in fruits and vegetables

-dryer sheets: contain zenoestrogens (foreign/toxic estrogens)

-parabens in skin care products, soaps, shampoo

-phthalates: found in syrofoam, plastics wrap, water bottles

-hormone injected meats

-stress, insulin resistance, being overweight, can all increase levels of unhealthy estrogen. 

Not being able to perform like one used to can be embarrassing or discourage a man from engaging in sexual activity. This can create a downward spiral of anxiety related to sex, which further creates a vicious cycle. This is something relatively easy to fix once I see what the imbalance is and address it from a few angles to get the best results. 

Causes of Low Libido in Both Genders

Hormone Imbalance

As mentioned above toxic estrogens can interfere with libido. Another source of toxic estrogens are certain tampon products women use, birth control pills, HRT, faulty liver detoxification, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen via aromatase in fat cells to name a few.

We can run a detailed hormones lab test to get a better picture of specific hormonal imbalances and what herbs or supplements to use to correct them. It is important to know what your situation is. For example, Chasteberry or Vitex is a very popular herb marketed for hormone health. It raises progesterone levels, so if a patient already has too high progesterone, this herb will make it worse. So it is important to be educated to know exactly what your situation is to take the guesswork out. 

Remember that most conditions, even if they seem hopeless can turn around when given the right treatment. That is true even if you were told to just live with it. So do not settle for less. Feel free to reach out if you want some natural therapies to enhance this aspect of your health and life.



How to Energize Yourself

Need more Energy?

Most everyone could use more energy. Are you pushing yourself but feel like you are running on empty? Do you experience an afternoon lull? Do you wish you had more energy to be with loved ones after work?

I had a patient with fatigue but didn't want more supplements. For them supplements didn't quite cut it. In my years of practice I have found that quality of supplements do matter, but it's true that supplements alone may not fix an issue satisfactorily. 

I've been blessed to see patients all over the world. With this patient we had 2 virtual healing sessions over the phone and there was a huge shift and increase in energy and positive mood. I was even surprised! It was as if  something lifted and the increase in energy stayed!

On a tangent, I'm just too excited about these healing sessions. A patient came to me yesterday with blood pressure 145/100 for weeks. We did 1 virtual healing session and the blood pressure dropped 40 points. Patients with fatigue, stomach issues, anxiety, depression, vertigo, headaches, back pain, infections, and many strange conditions have improved so quickly. 

You see, infections, illnesses, negative thoughts, traumas, toxic people around you are all seen as information to the body and they are often stored as "imprints" in parts of our body's that are weaker and more susceptible. These negative information clouds the purity and functionality of our cells like "dust on glass". Some people are naturally better at letting go of these than others. 

Anyone can learn a few simple techniques to help. Here's an Excercise you can practice to help increase your energy levels. Just like you eat and absorb nutrients from food, did you know you can also take in energy from the environment and let it recharge you? We all do this automatically to some extent, but you can train yourself to utilize it better. 

Studies show there is more energy or (prana) in fruits and vegetables compared to processed foods. Scientifically prana or life force energy is described as a displaced electron. A negative ion. They have measured higher numbers of negative ions in nature, such as the beach water or the woods, and less number of negative ions in polluted cities. "Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." Gen 2:7. The breath of life is sometimes also refered to as prana, which gives us life energy. This life energy is not just the opposite of feeling fatigued, but also supports feeling alive as a human being!

Here's what you can do to increase your energy. 

1. Sit down and imagine white light shining down to the crown of your head (top of head). This white light is energizing, healing and cleansing.

2. As you breathe deeply, receive the white light into your body and let it fill you from head to toe.The white light contains energy to revitalize and energize you. It also cleanses out any negative energy.

3. Once you feel the white light filling every cell of your body, EXHALE deeply to push out and extend the light rays to surround your entire body 2-3 feet around you. This protective light shield around your body can protect you from external negativity coming at you and repel it so you don't get drained by it. 

Do this exercise at least once per day or more. I encourage you to practice this for 5-10 minutes every day, perhaps after work to clear yourself. If you do this for even 7 days straight, it is very likely you will feel a good change. 

If you need some help beyond this exercise and would like a healing session, please contact our office. 



The Four Realms of Health Pt 1

I went to see Nutcracker and the Four Realms Movie and it’s one of those movies you’d love if you enjoy beautiful, artistic and creative scenery. I personally like it because it shows that one can live in more than just one dimension. The story is based on a varied version of the nutcracker ballet where Clara, a little girl ventures Photo Credit: Torbakhopper  out to get her Christmas gift, and ends up in the fourth realm. In the fourth realm days have elapsed and she has solved a serious problem among the kingdoms, when she returns to the earth realm and is still at the end of a party she arrived a few hours ago. You can also see this same concept involving “time” in the movie Inception where time moves a lot slower in the dream state than in regular earth time. Have you noticed that if you wake up in the morning and see the clock, then fall back asleep and dream, that your dream may have had the content of 30 minutes, but you wake up to realize it’s only been 5 minutes?

Many of my patients and often myself feel there is not enough time. We seem to have not enough time to do everything on our to do list, let alone take the time to invest in our health, self-care, relaxation or spirituality. If you feel your health is suffering but think you have no time to do what it takes to get better, know that there are ways to “warp time”. You just need to know how to get into a different “realm” to achieve that. You may be thinking, that sounds very weird! 

Well, to be honest I have thought that too! Until I have experienced the warping of time to my benefit. For example, I have spent half a day thinking of writing you all a newsletter and then not doing it, then stressing about not doing it. Then taking another 4 hours to write the article a different day. This situation is not ideal. This situation is also a situation where I am usually stressing about all the things I need to do, being less grounded, more emotional, more resistant, less smart and less efficient. 

But I have also been in a different “realm” where I write an article in 1 hour…boom it's done! In this realm I am usually more spiritually connected to my source, more inspired, more calm and in flow. So about the warping of time; I think I warped time! What would have took 8 hrs took 1 hr.

Could it be possible that if you were in a “healthy realm” that the same could happen for you? Wouldn’t you like to shrink down an 8 hr task to a 1 hr task (not because you rushed but just because it didn’t take as long)? Freeing up some time is not only important to allow yourself time to invest towards your health, but it also benefits your personal wellbeing. 

In the movie, there are 4 realms. Stay tuned for Part 2. We will give you 4 realms of health that can help you maximize your time, “warp time”, enjoy your time, especially during this holiday season so that you can stay on top of things, your emotions and enjoy the people you care most about. More to come in Part 2. 



Frustrated Your Health Is Not Getting Better?

I don't get sick often, but when I catch a cold, it always seems like it happens after something stressful. Have you noticed getting sick after someone close to you has problems you worry about? Or an illness comes on after you feel overwhelmed? Or getting sick after being so busy and running on empty?

With health problems the first thing most doctors and patients think of is to take something like a medicine or natural supplement to help it go away. When we can find something natural that gets to the root of the problem, that is a plus. But I find only 30-50% of patients get 100% better with just "taking something". So what's the missing link most doctors haven't been able to help you with yet?  

Have you wondered why you're still sick even though you've changed your diet, avoided your food allergens, taken supplements, herbs, spent lots of money and feel like you've done everything? That can be frustrating. The good news is I work with patients just like this and help them move out of their health plateau. Photo Credit David Young

Disease first starts in the energetic field, and then physicalizes. What does that mean? When your body notices that something is wrong in your life, which can be emotional, spiritual, your schedule, your diet, your lifestyle, your happiness etc it registers an electric signal that extends about 3 feet surrounding your body like a force field (or the aura). So if you're around toxic people a lot, in a job you don't feel fulfilled, in a relationship you can only tolerate, feel overwhelmed, think negative thoughts and so on, your force field can be contaminated like a city full of smog. This pushes the toxic signals into your physical body contributing to illness and also does not allow disease to escape out of your body.

This may be sounding new or strange to you. To use a different illustration, do you remember the news articles that talk about higher cancer rates amoung people who live near radiation. Or higher rates of brain cancer in people who hold cell phones close to their head? Radiation is a type of damaging electromagnetic field. We create electromagnetic fields, one of them from your heart can be measured by the EKG. That's a normal electromagnetic field. Some of these electromagnetic fields created by our bodies, and can negative, but some can be healthful (give us energy, help us heal quicker, contribute to a good mood).

I have techniques patients can receive over the phone to clean out their energetic field. It's surprised some of my patients who have already invested so much into their health but are at a plateau get huge results from a couple of these types of sessions. Many of my patients recovered from headaches, dizziness, HPV infection, yeast infection, anxiety, back pain, prevented onset of a cold (to name a few) when we addressed their energetic field. 

For Example here's the Energetic Theme for Cold (Stay tuned for energetic themes for other conditions):

COLD: Often occurs during a time when responsibility seems overwhelming. The person may feel personally responsible to make sure everything is perfect, sometimes because of a fear of looking bad or not being good enough. It may be hard for them to let go. There may be a theme of self imposed responsibility. The cold physically forces them to let go, stop and re-evaluate lessons learned. 

If you have that inner feeling that the health condition you're suffering with may be related to something emotional in your life, don't wait because you may be reading this for a reason. When patients receive sessions to help clear these negative energetic patterns in their body, it helps the body to release the disease. This is because the body is designed to heal itself. There are so many amazing mechanisms in our body that were created in us that keeps us healthy so when there is a health problem, it is a sign that something is off. Good news is there is a way to clear the block and also stop the plateu so you can live the life you want and have the health to not hold back. Contact me if you're wondering if this can be something that's an answer to your search.  


Estrogen Toxicity and Increased Risk of Cervical Dysplasia or Cancer Risk

Watch this video on how inflammatory Estrogens can increase cancer risk. There are ways to decrease the toxic types of estrogens. 

I will discuss 2 reasons how toxic estrogens can possibly increase chances of cancer. And also the role your gut has in making the situation better or worse. Watch below to find out. 

Estrogen Toxicity and Increased risk of Cervical Dysplasia from HPV