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Dr. Emily Chan ND 

Dr. Chan received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She has been a part of the Functional Medicine Research Center as well as the Emergency Department at Evergreen Hospital. Dr. Chan is a board licensed naturopathic doctor and founder of Modern Integrative Medicine. As a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians AANP, she currently practices in San Diego, CA and consults around the world.  

Dr. Emily uses specific targeted nutrients that are researched to give your body the message it needs to heal, recover and reverse-age. She is about getting you RESULTS. Her passion is to give you direction to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy so that you can live your life to your fullest purpose and potential.  

Dr. Emily specializes in gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, food allergies, autoimmune disease, emotional trauma/stress, anxiety, and depression.

She also works with thyroid disorders, allergies, bone health, cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, weight loss, heavy metal toxicity, frequent infections, brain neurotransmitter balance, women’s medicine, and complex medical cases. 

Dr. Emily uses traditional naturopathic approaches, which include, herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathy, foods and counseling. She also uses energy healing techniques such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, NET Neuro Emotional Technique, brain gym, EFT, and 5 elements acupressure to release energetic/emotional memories in cells which can be very effective for chronic illness that do not seem to improve with traditional therapies. Dr. Emily has a strong background in biomedical sciences, and is gifted with a strong intuition. She believes that being a great doctor involves bridging art and science together to work with a patient based on their individuality.

Dr. Chan’s love of medicine and interest in missions led her to Beijing China, where she worked with children with birth defects. Dr. Emily is featured on TV, trains health professionals, and lectures for the public

She is published in local magazines as well as professional journals such as NDNR (Naturopathic Doctors News Review). She is a featured expert writer for NaturalPath Publications. You can see her on her own You Tube channel Dr. Emily Chan ND.

Dr. Chan is charismatic, listens, and truly cares about her patients. She feels it is an honor to serve you. Outside of her practice, she enjoys the beach, attending C3 collecting gems and crystals, fine dining, argentine tango, performing arts and being with friends and family.