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    "An effective plan to suit my unique needs!"

    Dr. Chan was able to really get to what seems to be the crux of my problem, because after just a few days on the protocol she provided I have so much more energy! I like how she really listens and has a great knowledge-base to come up with an effective plan that suits my unique needs. I would recommend her to anyone who feels their body is not functioning optimally.
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    "Better sleep, more energy, and less stress!"

    The quality of my life has greatly improved since I started seeing Dr. Chan. I'm sleeping better, have tons more energy, and am starting to feel less stress and anxiety. Dr. Chan is very knowledgeable about the body and mind, and she is a kind and non-judgmental listener. I'm fortunate to have found her!
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    "Dr. Chan dug deeper to find the true cause of my candida and fatigue."

    I went to Dr. Chan with concerns about candida (yeast), as I was suffering from a skin yeast infection and severe fatigue and headaches. She was well-versed in this issue but dug deeper to find the cause of the candida problems. She listened intently and really heard what I was saying. Then she very carefully explained her theory of how my situation came about. I really appreciated her full explanations of absolutely everything - she never expected me to buy into an assumption. She tailored my supplements and vitamins to my own body in a fascinating way, and I'm extremely optimistic that I am on the right track! In setting up the appointment, Dr. Chan was extremely responsive. I left a message for Dr. Chan in the late afternoon before a holiday, and she called me back within hours and offered to see me the next day - during the holiday. I was really touched by her accommodation to my needs, as I was suffering pretty severe symptoms and hoped for an appointment asap. Dr. Chan came recommended from a friend whose whole family has used her for years. They certainly led me to the right place!
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    "Dr. Chan saved my life!"

    I credit Dr. Chan with essentially saving my life. As many of the other reviews have said she is brilliant and truly understands how the whole body works. She was able to accomplish, in a relatively short time, what many doctors were not focused on or interested in. I have referred a number of family and friends to her for a broad range of issues - I believe she can help them where others have only prescribed meds. Thank you!
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    "For the first time in years, my chronic fatigue is improving!"

    Dr. Chan has helped overcome many of my difficulties regarding chronic fatigue syndrome especially my inability to fight off inflections due to my immune dysfunction. She has addressed the immune dysfunction through natural products, supplements and diet. Her treatment has resulted in lowering the number and severity of debilitating infections, and an increase in my energy level. For the first time in years, I have been able to slowly increase my exercise level without a letdown response that had been my experience prior to treatment. I look forward to increasing progress toward health under Dr. Chan's able direction.
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    "I'm now on a sustainable path toward greater health and wellbeing!"

    When I first came to see Dr. Chan I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety, stomach pain and indigestion. I had been to see a number of doctors and therapists in the past regarding my symptoms and felt that I was either ignored, misdiagnosed, or prescribed drugs that worsened my symptoms. Dr. Chan took the time to listen to me and was sensitive to my concerns. Dr. Chan prescribed me natural supplements and helped me understand how diet and lifestyle play a key role in health and wellbeing. My anxiety and gastrointestinal issues greatly improved as a result of my treatment. I am now on a sustainable path toward greater health and wellbeing. As a result of my treatment I have also gained a greater understanding of the connection between nutrition, lifestyle, emotions and the body.
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    "My acne cleared up more rapidly than with prescribed antibiotics."

    Dr. Chan was extremely knowledgeable and kind. She was rigorous and thoughtful in her investigation of root causes. She was a terrific listener and insightful healer. I experienced extremely dramatic improvements in my health after our appointments. My rather bad and persistent acne cleared up almost entirely much more rapidly than after having gone on dermatologically- prescribed antibiotics. My formerly rampant anxiety is almost entirely quelled. I am extremely satisfied with my experience.
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    "She is the doctor I've been looking for!"

    I only met with Dr. Chan once - but immediately knew I was with the doctor I have been looking for. I am referring my family to her.
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    "Years of diet, skin, and GI problems were remarkably better within one week."

    I just had my first visit with Dr. Chan and I am so impressed. I am 52 years old and have been to many doctors over the years. I have been searching for a healthcare professional who was well educated in holistic healing, compassionate, caring, a great listener and someone I could trust with my healthcare. I finally found her! Dr. Chan is all I could hope for and more. I was having persistent diet, skin and GI problems for years. Within a week of my visit with Dr. Chan I noticed remarkable changes. We put together a workable plan for my future that I am sure will help me to keep improving and feel the best I have in years. I feel so blessed to have found her!
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    Baby suffering deadly MRSA skin infections healed through naturopathic remedy!

    We brought my son to Dr. Chan because ever since coming home from the hospital, he had been getting these blister-like skin spots in different parts of his body. When it was diagnosed as MRSA, I was angry and afraid because this often does not have a cure and can even kill him. The pediatrician kept saying that it is so rare for an infant to develop MRSA and claimed that it might just go away on its own. She kept sending antibiotics, which worked to eliminate the current MRSA spot, but more always occurred 2 weeks to 3 months afterwards. Frustrated and confused, I researched naturopathic doctors in the area and found Dr. Chan. I sent her an email and we saw her that same week. At that time, my son was 8 months old and had the worst MRSA boil I had ever seen. Dr. Chan gave us some important information on MRSA that I did not know and she advised us to apply an energized gel. Trying the gel for the first time, I noticed the MRSA infection getting better in a shorter time than with antibiotics. Additionally, the gel doesn't destroy the good stomach bacteria as the antibiotics do. Since then, my son has not had one MRSA infection and he is almost one year old. If I do see a questionable skin spot, I apply the gel to the spot and it disappears in about two days. I am so grateful for finding Dr. Chan and I wish more people were open to naturopathic medicine because it saved my son's life.
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    Chrohn's disease sufferer feels his best in 10 years!

    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease roughly six years ago. I suffered from weight loss, anemia, and severe gastrointestinal discomfort. Typical Western-style medicine helped to keep my disease in check, but it wasn't until I met Dr. Chan that my health greatly improved. Using a variety of approaches that included changes to my diet and nutritional supplements prescribed by Dr. Chan, I was able to achieve a new level of health and satisfaction with my treatment. I feel better today than I have in nearly a decade!