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Natural Remedies for HPV and Cervical Dysplasia

Many women have been coming to me for natural therapies for HPV and cervical dysplasia. The conventional treatment for cervical dysplasia CIN 2 and CIN 3 is a surgical procedure called LEEP. The conventional treatments for low grade cervical dysplasia such as ASCUS or CIN 1 is often “do nothing and wait till it getsCIN 1 Photo Credit Ed Uthman worse”, then do surgery or hope it improves.

Many women have reservations about the surgical procedure because of the risk of increased scarring of the cervix, risk of infertility and miscarriage. Other women who were asked to watch and wait feel unsettled to just wait till the next PAP without doing anything.

There are many of my patients with cases as far progressed as CIN 3 who have had successful complete resolution of their Cervical Dysplasia and subsequently tested negative for HPV using natural therapies instead of surgery. Please contact our office to enquire if you are a candidate.

Prevention of HPV Infection

It is important to research and be informed in making a decision regarding methods of prevention such as the HPV vaccine. For more information about the HPV vaccine, click here

Some patients with a predisposition to immune system issues, auto-immune disorders or certain genetics are more prone to reactions than others.

Safe sexual practices are also important because HPV is sexually transmitted. This is a great time to discuss this with your child. Using condoms are also important to provide a barrier, although they are not 100% protective against HPV.

Other ways of prevention include yearly PAP smears, although standard of care has now reduced required PAPs to every 3 years for women who have had normal PAPs. I personally recommend yearly PAPs because 3 years can be the difference between catching something early or dealing with a higher-grade dysplasia.

Viruses Can Cause Different Types of Cancers

As you know certain HPV virus strains can cause cervical cancer. But how do viruses cause cancer? Viruses are not truly “alive” because they cannot survive on their own and cannot reproduce without hijacking a host cell. For example, the HPV virus is introduced to your body through sexual contact. The virus then inserts it’s DNA into your healthy cells. The virus uses YOUR cells to make more copies of itself. Because viruses insert themselves into the human DNA, they can cause your DNA to be mutated. This is how viruses cause cancers. Below is a list of different types of viruses and the types of cancers they are associated with.

Examples of Viruses and types of Cancer’s they are Associated With:

  • ·      HPV (Human Papilloma Virus): Cervical Cancer
  • ·      Herpes Virus 8: Kaposi Sarcoma
  • ·      Hepatitis B, C: Liver Cancer
  • ·      EBV (Epstein Barr Virus): Nasal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Lymphomas
  • ·      HTLV1 (Human T Lymphotrophic Virus 1: T cell Leukemia
  • ·      HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus): Many types of Cancer

Healing from HPV Virus and Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

Contrary to the “germ theory” which implies that when a person is exposed to “germs” the germs will infect them and make them sick; viruses may have no infective influence over you if your body is not susceptible to it. If your body is in a state where viruses cannot thrive, you won’t get sick. Having optimal immune function, vibrational frequency, qi, energy level, acid/alkaline balance, strong cell membrane health are some ways to keep viruses from infecting you. I work with patients to support their body in eradicating chronic or stubborn viral infection such as HPV.

Below are ways natural therapies help:

  • ·      Address the HPV virus
  • ·      Boost the bodies’ immune system against HPV virus and precancerous cells
  • ·      Reduce hormonal imbalances that increase cancer risk
  • ·      Support apoptosis (killing of abnormal cells)
  • ·      Encourage normal tissue growth
  • ·      Support both internal and topical (cervical) health
  • ·      Change vibrational frequency to be less susceptible to viruses and malignancies

Whether you are looking into the best prevention for yourself or your child, or seeking natural treatment for HPV/Dysplasia, contact Dr. Chan’s office for a consult to get options of providing you the best non-invasive and successful therapy for your unique case.