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How do we decrease disease risk factors?

Approximately 30% of America’s children are overweight and one in six children are obese. Excess weight is correlated to increased risk of death, fatigue, diabetes and hypertension. But even one quarter of people with normal BMIs 19-24 (Body Mass Index) have insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for other chronic disease including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, hormonal imbalance etc. Normal weight individuals can be metabolically obese, meaning they have elevated levels of body fat, and/or low muscle mass. 

Beware of quick weight loss programs that result in loss of muscle mass. This is detrimental to health. Mere weight loss does not necessarily lead to better health. Loss of weight in the proper body compartments is essential to optimal metabolic function in the body. 

Newer studies show that merely weight and BMI are not accurate predictors of chronic disease risk factors. Rather percentages of body fat, where the fat is stored, and muscle mass are better tracking tools. The BIA device can measure all of these parameters. 

First Line Therapy is a program that helps bring body composition back to proportions that are supportive of healthy cellular function. It increases overall health, energy and allows the body to heal from chronic disease.