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What options do I have in dealing with fatigue, anxiety, and mood issues?

Our fast paced world has become a place that may not be an ideal environment for our bodies to function optimally. Back in the olden days, stress was encountered in the form of physical danger such as running away from enemy tribes. When stress is perceived by the body, it secretes cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine which allows the body to run faster or fight stronger, in what is called a "flight and fight response". 

However in our modern day, we experience more mental and emotional stress on a regular basis, that not only evoke very frequent increased release of stress hormones, but our sedentary lifestyle does not allow the body to excrete these hormones the way physical activity does. In some cases of chronic stress or trauma, the body is on automatic pilot "high defense mode" even when the stressor is removed. Elevated stress hormones are harmful to your body and can contribute to anxiety, fatigue, impaired blood sugar regulation, weight problems, digestive dysfunction, muscle wasting, insomnia, and more. 

Dr. Emily Chan can help you work on healthier lifestyle habits and choices that allow you to walk in concert with your environment, rather than have it fight against you. She will work on reprogramming your nervous system so it does not continue to send signals of danger to your body with the help of natural remedies. Further cortisol level testing, neurotransmitter testing, blood sugar level testing, pulse/iris analysis, genotype testing etc may be done to give information to biochemical imbalances contributing to an elevated stress response. Dr. Chan will tailor naturopathic therapies that can help you balance your stress hormones in an effort to calm the system or rejuvenate a fatigued system.